Every time you want to build a home or building, floor plan or architectural project is necessary to prepare and plan all aspects that may affect directly or indirectly. This is when we begin to need to use construction plans.

    What is a Floor Plan?

    A floor plan or construction plan is the graphic representation of future work. A work depending on its size can have different amounts of plans there is no exact amount since each project is different. In other words, the plans are the recipe that the builders have to follow in order to build exactly the future work, so to understand this project the more detailed and specific it will be the better.

    In the plans are elements of daily use, beds, furniture, kitchen, or provision of future furniture and define specific areas of the house or building to be built and break down all the features of facilities and construction processes that will be needed for the correct execution of the work.

  • Layout Plan


    Site layout plan which is sometimes called a block plan. It demonstrates a detailed layout of the whole work site. Layout planning is a multi-stage process that obeys the principle.

    Floor plans are essential for real estate agencies to communicate the space flow to potential renters or buyers.

    Basic evaluation

    The basis of every successful factory planning is the best possible knowledge of the existing condition. No matter whether new planning, expansion planning or rescheduling - the beginning is a comprehensive baseline investigation and analysis. This is the crucial foundation for future changes. That is also the reason why we work very intensively on site with and with our customers. This is the only way to establish a close connection to the company, which is a necessary prerequisite for effective factory optimization.

    Layout planning begins with the block layout, which is also the result of plant development planning. This block layout which is often referred to as area layout is expanded step by step to a fine layout. Now, more and more requirements of the company, the logistics, the environmental protection, and the authorities are included in the planning. Again, you can see that factory optimization is a multi-faceted process.

  • Contour Plan


    Contour Plan or Contour Map that displays the topography of the Site. The map contains the outline lines showing the elevation variations on the site. It shows the physical characteristics of a site-its topography-using the contour lines for different heights.

    A map that shows lines that include points of equal value and separate points of higher value from points of lower value. The most common types of contour curve maps are topographic maps of contour curves, which show the elevation of the earth's surface. Structural maps of contour curves are showing the elevation or depth of a formation, and the maps of sands or net and total productive zones, which show the variations of the thickness of a stratigraphic unit.

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