What is a Layout Plan

Site layout plan which is sometimes called a block plan. It demonstrates a detailed layout of the whole work site. Layout planning is a multi-stage process that obeys the principle

from coarse-to-fine

Floor plans are essential for real estate agencies to communicate the space flow to potential renters or buyers.

Basic evaluation

The basis of every successful factory planning is the best possible knowledge of the existing condition. No matter whether new planning, expansion planning or rescheduling - the beginning is a comprehensive baseline investigation and analysis. This is the crucial foundation for future changes. That is also the reason why we work very intensively on site with and with our customers. This is the only way to establish a close connection to the company, which is a necessary prerequisite for effective factory optimization.

Layout planning begins with the block layout, which is also the result of plant development planning. This block layout which is often referred to as area layout is expanded step by step to a fine layout. Now, more and more requirements of the company, the logistics, the environmental protection, and the authorities are included in the planning. Again, you can see that factory optimization is a multi-faceted process.

Layout planning

In all phases of layout planning, only a production layout that you understand at first glance is so transparent that it optimally supports production processes. How should the local employee be able to recognize the connections and live, if this is not possible with the "view from above"? However, if these relationships are drowned out in daily life, the process of permanent factory optimization cannot succeed sustainably.

Block layout

Last but not least, this demand is reflected in a structured and straightforward supply infrastructure for machines, plants, and workplaces. What is meant here is not just the supply of energy and media, but above all the smooth supply of material. Of course, as a factory designer, we pay attention to such relationships.

Equipment installation plan

Finally, the production layout is still implemented in a very specific machine layout plan. Every machine and plant, every workstation and every intermediate buffer must be drawn exactly to scale in this plan so that you have a reliable and practical basis for the subsequent implementation phase. After all, somebody must ultimately implement the layout plaLayout planning is not a random product, but a systematic improvement process to create order in the company.

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