Great ideas to decorate modern living rooms 2019

Nothing is more pleasant than taking our family or friends home. They sit in an environment where tranquility, peace, harmony and good taste reign. To achieve this goal, there are some key factors such as colors, accessories, furniture, lighting that will help us give that magical and special touch that we want to achieve when decorating our home, especially the living rooms.

Here we are going to discuss the idea to decorate modern living rooms:


Accessories such as frames and mirrors are an essential complement, when placing mirrors we must be clear what we want to achieve, amplitude, depth, luminosity or continuity also the shape and sizes that we must implement.

If the walls are white - With the curtains, carpets, and cushions, we can include the personal touch of citrus colors, which fan, flower and awaken a halo of energy, so the furniture can be neutral colors to tint.

The gray range is always a good option to combine. They can be dark gray furniture with pink and deep blue cushions, a light gray wall and the other white, combined with beautiful pictures. The colors green, red-orange, apricots, persimmons are always an excellent option.

Living rooms with dining area

The space of the living rooms sometimes allows us to make certain divisions such as bamboo curtains, decorative brick walls to include the dining area. That should be a cozy place where the conversation between the family is cordial and enjoyable, so in the best place in this area, the dining table is placed and in it the divided area the sofa with very easy chairs.

Also, if there is a staircase, we should make the most of it, making it stand out by changing its railings, painting it, decorating it and thus serving as a link between the two areas, the living room, and the dining room.

Light and atmosphere

Lighting is a basic factor when creating our living rooms, natural light is essential because it gives us that halo of nature, we can make the most of it by changing the curtains for a lighter color or by placing blinds, pastel or neutral colors such as dark or light wood.

We can also play with the mirrors because they generate luminosity and spaciousness, we can choose a large one that covers an entire wall or several small ones.

If the budget allows it, unnecessary divisions such as partitions can be eliminated, making the spaces wider and brighter. The internal lighting can be multiplied by placing small lamps in the most relevant places. The main lighting can be focused by placing only one point of light with a large lamp or it is blurred with rows of spotlights.

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