What you generally have to consider when choosing your office space?

When you are planning for your office space, the first step is to find the optimal location for your office. Do not just look for good transport links and enough space, but also for the object itself.

Especially with young companies, which grow in the foreseeable future, there should also be the possibility to expand the premises, without having to look for a new property right away. Include short-term growth capacity in your search. A room is so much better than a room too little.

Another crucial factor is the lighting conditions in the workplace. There must be at least one window in each room so that enough daylight is received.

Natural daylight is much stronger than artificial light. It inhibits the release of the sleep hormone melatonin and thus keeps us awake. Employees who work in broad daylight are thus much fitter and more productive.

Also, check possible environmental impacts before concluding the lease. Sufficient noise protection is enormously important for productive work.

Soundproof windows are therefore ideal. Also, make sure that external shutters are present. In this way, you keep the heat outside in summer and prevent glare and reflections. If there are no external blinds, you should at least install interior folding shutters.

Open space concepts, small offices or a single individual office?

An essential criterion before you even think about desks, shelves and Co. is the room layout. You have the choice between large-scale concepts, individual offices and small offices for 2-4 employees.

Open space concepts - Benefits

Open space offices are especially popular with start-ups. After all, you promise a particularly social, innovative and busy working atmosphere.

For employers, such solutions also offer a cost advantage through reduced office space compared to individual offices. Workplaces can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, which benefits the efficient use of space and the rapid integration of new employees.

Individual offices - Benefits

A classic single office is an ideal space for concentrated work without distracting confounding factors. Here, the employee himself determines the framework conditions of his work. There is also the option of customizing the office, making work more enjoyable and boosting productivity.

Even factors such as lighting, room temperature, and fresh air supply are not controversial factors in individual offices. Another advantage is the existing privacy for telephone calls and customer calls with confidential character.

Small offices as a flexible compromise solution

Small offices for 2 to 4 employees are a compromise between open-space concepts and individual offices. Due to the small number of people working in a room, the background noise is limited.

Small businesses are also an attractive compromise in terms of costs. The more private atmosphere is perceived by many people to be particularly pleasant.

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