What are the different types of Villas?

A villa is commonly known as a recreational house that in addition to the basic rooms and services, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. That also includes terraces, patio, gardens, and pool. It is a house designed for comfort and is usually linked to the well-off social class. The villas are usually built far from the city, for example, in the countryside and the beach.

If you are planning to design your villa, it is important to know about its different types – let us find out:

Types of villas:

  • Farm Villa

Generally, a farm is formed by the main building in the form of an L or U, which houses the rooms, and the center, a patio. The farms are built mainly on the outskirts of the city or directly in the countryside, so it usually has an orchard, farm animals, ranch and cattle.

Commonly, a farm is financially self-sufficient speaking.

  • Rustic Villa

Constructions of simple materials, such as concrete and wood, but provided with all the comforts of a villa. On some occasions, depending on the location, the roofs or structure can be made of palm or bamboo.

  • Urban Villa

They are mansions located in large lands. It is equipped with all the comforts. Its architecture is modern, minimalist, and sometimes they have a rustic, Mediterranean or colonial touch.

These types of villas are generally part of large cities.

  • Luxury Villas

Its design is exclusive and unique. They stand out from the normal villas because they have elements considered a luxury, such as a heated pool, jacuzzi with panoramic view, sauna, tennis courts, underground wine cellar, movie theater, game room, etc.

They are also located in privileged places and sometimes even with a beach or private port.

  • Ecological Villas

Currently, throughout the world, the tendency to build ecological villas has developed, not only as hotels and resorts but as a private, temporary or permanent housing option. An ecological villa is characterized by:

  • Natural conditions of the terrain
  • Construction oriented to make the most of the sunlight and save energy
  • Adapted to the comfort of modern life, but at the same time, it promotes an ecological lifestyle
  • Constructed with natural and renewable materials
  • Designed to work partially or independently
  • Innovative design and integrated into the surrounding environment
  • Villas type houses

The houses type villas are characterized because they are houses that have all the comforts of a villa but in less square meters. They can be built in the city or the countryside.

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