Why do I need to hire an architect?

Why hire an architect? What is the client-architect relationship? Who guarantees the work of an architect in the project of a house?

Surely you have asked all these questions when starting the design process to build your house. In the following, we are going to address some considerations and reasons on why to hire an architect.

The architect is an expert in interpreting the client's needs and translating them into a design

The architectural design process of a house is somewhat more complex than imagined. Among the steps that must be performed are several situations that should be clear, before starting it.

  • Program of needs for the family
  • Adjust construction dimension to the investment budget
  • Relation dimensions of the construction-land
  • Orientation and climatic study of the land that can affect the functioning of the house
  • Procedures for building permits

Hiring an architect is not an expense, it is a lifetime investment

The hiring of an architect is not an additional expense is an investment that guarantees the quality of the project. Also, it facilitates the procedures before construction, since he has experience in this activity which usually a client does not know.

By your experience, you can adjust the dimensions of the project, with the needs of the family and the investment budget that the client has.

The architect is trained to solve the complete house design

A professional in architecture know styles, construction techniques, and materials. Also, the architect for his professional training is trained to define a good program of operation of the house. They make the most of the spaces, avoiding excess traffic areas which would increase the cost of housing. Also, adjust the design program according to the needs of the family and its economic availability of investment.

The architect can know more about the client and his needs

The client-architect relationship is very close, part of many meetings and knowledge of the family group. The program of the needs of the family is made in common agreement with the client. There are many variables in the operating program, which allows the client to know the architect's proposals and discuss possible solutions, in the stages before the finished project.

The architect knows about the operation, architectural design, materials to use and costs

The architect seeks to effectively solve the operation of the house according to the needs of the family and the availability of investment.

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