If we are going to design the construction of our home, it is essential to have the best group of professionals to advise us from the beginning of each step we are taking in the process.

Let us find out how they approach any construction project?

Well, the work of the architect is developed in phases, being 6 in general. Some of them can be united in one or, simply, that the architect is expressly asked not to take care of this task.

1. Proposal for architect fees

This phase answers two questions: What do you need? And how much is the architect's job worth?

You have to know that, although there are architects of all colors, flavors, and fees, this is usually free. After all, it is a prior communication between the architect and the developer.

2. Project studies

This is a creative phase. The architect, with your collaboration, if you wish, attending to the program of needs of the first phase, develops a first concept of the project, in an elementary and more or less schematic way.

It is usually delivered in the form of a Draft, consisting of the presentation of plans in plan and elevations with different proposals.

In this phase, models and/or basic 3-dimensional (3D) simulations of the proposals can be made. So that the promoter, in case he is not used to reading plans, can understand them better.

3. Basic project / License application

In this phase the Architect sets up his team and develops the so-called Basic Project, always meeting the requirements proposed in previous phases.

Upon delivery of the Basic Project, the process of approval of the license by the respective City Council begins.

4. Execution / Measurement and budget project

So far, we already have a town planning license or it is being processed. Now the architect has to continue working and develop the so-called Execution Project.

The degree of detail and accuracy of the execution project is very important because this also implies that the measurements have an affinity of 100% with the plans so that there are no problems in the future and for the design to be complete.

5. Construction selection

This is a very delicate phase where you must choose a builder for your work. The architect, if you have agreed, may collaborate in this phase. They are assisting in the analysis of the technical capacity of the different candidates, as well as in the analysis of the budget and deadline for the completion of the work.

6. Execution of the work

Finally, the last phase, in which all the work done so far materializes. Keep in mind that the certification that your project is fully complied with is the duty of your architect and your rigger.

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