To carry out a large project such as the construction of your home, every detail is little. It is necessary to design clear planning, where the steps to be followed that will facilitate the organization of the work. The coordination of the team and all the actions to be carried out are specified.

In this way, the various functions and key parts that make up the construction of a home are anticipated. Not only will it allow us to have a joint vision of the whole process, but it will help us to have control of how the work progresses, essential when planning construction. Apart from the planning, there are certain approvals are also required before starting any construction project.

Let us know about them in detail

  • Construction license
  • Building plan approval
  • Utility approval

Land title

This is the first and foremost important license which you need to obtain to start construction. The builder has to get clearance of the land title or plot.

Construction license

If you are working on any construction project, there are certain different types of licenses that you will need to get.

Different states classify construction work differently so you need to know where you can get. To avoid fines, you will need to check the general contractor licensing needs for your state.

Zonal clearance

After the land title and clearance, the builder is required to take zone approval from the local authority or body.

Layout approval

This is also one of the important licenses to get. You need to take layout plan approval from authorities before starting any construction of the commercial or residential building.

Services and utilities installation approval

The builder should get approval from respective authorities for water, gas, electricity for non-potable and potable use. The construction should comply with building laws for approval or sanction of basic amenities. Also, the builder should get NOC from the pollution board for the project.

Occupancy certificate

Last but not least, an occupancy certificate is also required from local authority or body before starting any residential or commercial project. The local authority passes the proposals to the various other concerned authorities in the city as required for issuing the case-specific NOC or approvals before issuing an occupancy certificate.

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