The choice of our future home is one of the most important decisions of our life, both economically and emotionally. We all have a more or less clear idea of what our perfect home would look like, but trying to capture that illusion among the real options offered by the real estate market can be complicated.

Here we present you're a step-by-step guide for building a home.

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time

The purchase of the land

You must bear in mind that it is one of the most important expenses when building your home, along with the execution of the works. Currently, it usually means something less than 50% of the total cost. This is because the floor suitable for building is scarce.

Apart from our preferences in terms of location and surface, it is best that it be consolidated urban land, that is, legally confirmed and suitable for immediate use in accordance with the General Urban Plan of the corresponding locality. This implies that it has access by urban roads and with services such as water, electricity, sanitation network and telecommunications.

Before making the purchase it is highly advisable to check if the site is free of charges (urbanization expenses, foreclosures, debts, etc.)

Previous technical studies and the contracting of the architect

Before starting construction, a topographic study of the land is necessary to know exactly the geometry of the plot, as well as the elements it contains: rocks, slopes, trees, and etc. and a geotechnical study in order to design an adequate foundation.

After these steps, you will need to hire an architect to design the house and schedule the execution of the works. With it, you will plan the house according to your needs and your budget.

Although he himself will guide and advise you throughout the process, you must have a clear set of premises, such as the size and style you want for your house, the materials to be used in the construction, the number of rooms or the finishes.

The writing of the project

Once the characteristics of the house have been defined, in order to apply for a works license, it is necessary to submit a project to the town planning authority. This technical documentation prepared by the architect consists of the Basic Project, which includes the report, the plans with the works to be carried out and the adaptation to the regulations, and the Execution Project, a detailed development of the previous one that includes the architectural plans and specifies all the materials, construction systems and necessary installations, together with measurements and budgets for each phase of the work.

Hands on the job

With the legal permission that the granting of the works licensed by the municipality, you will have to request the provisional supply of electricity and water supply to start transforming your land.

The works are finished - but not the paperwork

After a lot of decisions and work, the construction of the house ends. Once the appropriate revisions have been made, the architect and the surveyor sign the end of construction certificate, with which we will apply for the license of the first occupation in the town hall, essential to be able to enter to live.

Some final considerations

When you are enjoying your new home, we will check that the final result compensates for all the intermediate headaches. However, like any new product, some of its components may fail. Leaks, cracks, insulation defects, humidity. What to do if any of these problems appear?

Obviously, we will have to complain to the construction company that carried out the works. Even though the finished building was delivered to us, an inspection of the whole house was carried out and all the detected defects were communicated, there are damages that only appear after the time.

For this reason, it is advisable to previously require the builder to have at least one year's insurance covering the material damages that are caused by defects in the execution and that affect the finishes.

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