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Are you planning to build your new house? Do you want to know how much it will cost to build your house? And How much construction material do you need to buy? Now we i13 will let you know how to obtain a budget and free applications that will facilitate the task of calculating the number of construction materials that will be used based on the size of the land, let's start:

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Budgets construction of works by spaces

To know in detail how much construction material you will use for example to build walls, roofs, foundations or structures, use our Cost Construction Calculator. You just have to select the area in meters and the types of material you will use and you will get the result instantly, it is a useful tool that you can use from your computer or download it to your smartphone.

To make calculations of constructive elements such as: stairs (wood, metal), roof structures, as well as building materials you can use the online calculation tool, for example you can use any application to calculate how many rods for house fences you go to Use and even the dimensions of each rod according to the chosen model.

An important tip and to save you some calculations in the budgets is to ask by phone or email to an architect or civil engineer in your town what is the price of the square meter built data they handle in an updated manner. The only data you need to have is the size of your land (width and length), with this, you already have part of the budgets in the construction of your house.

But remember that the data that professionals give you are only a part of the equation since normally these budgets are of basic finishes, so you can supplement with online applications to calculate even more costs and of course without spending a Dollar on any additional software.

The following elements are to be taken into account for construction budgets

  • The price of the land
  • Architectural design
  • Design of the structure
  • Electrical and sanitary installation
  • The total cost of construction divided between materials and labour
  • Construction permits for your city that include various municipal taxes

With this data, you can start to have an idea of how much is the average cost to build a house. It means that the location and price of land is often the determinant in the total budget as well as conditions such as topography (for example land on slopes), this must be taken into account in the budgets for the construction of small and medium houses.

For large constructions it is necessary to add to the total price, the study of the soil, if the building has several floors, environmental impact studies, among other aspects that are not necessary to add here because we aim to have a budget for a house of average size from 60 to 200 square meters.

Conclusion on construction budgets

The first thing you must do is to have the dimensions of the land at hand, preferably on the side and then take the percentage in total square meters. The next step is to ask an architect or engineer to provide you with the price of the built square meter which you will obtain in minutes because the professionals handle this updated data. Finally, enter the calculators of budgets in the construction for the whole house or only for the calculation of areas as we have seen above.

If you are interested in the self-construction or remodeling of small spaces does not forget to take a look at the online applications to make plans easily or if you are going to remodel a space of your home.

Our online House Construction Calculator will surely help you to finalize the construction cost.

Do you want to build the house of your dreams and do not know where to start?

At i13 you can organize your work in a very simple way. First, think about what type of house you want to build, write it down and then enter the New Construction Calculator to know the budget. You can receive the budget for the construction of your new home immediately.

The results of our calculator use prices of mid-range materials, once you request the budget and you get in touch with a professional you can decide what is best for you.

We present something that we believe will be very useful. It is an application to calculate the expenses of self-promotion of a house.

House Construction Cost Calculator is a free and immediate application, you will not need to fill out any form and wait for the result to arrive. And it is also anonymous. You get the result at the moment and without having to provide any personal or contact information.

Introducing some very simple data, you will obtain a total cost and a breakdown by phases of all the expenses associated with the construction of a home (technical fees, licenses, notary, etc.) except financial expenses.

As you will see when you start using i13, what most influences economically is the surface to be built, logically and secondly, the quality of the materials, especially the finishes. Playing with these variables can fit your home in the budget you have.

i13 – Your best ally in constructing your new home

If you are looking for a personalized home, with quality design, constructive quality, compliance with deadlines, energy efficiency, a fair price and without wasting time in making arrangements, contact us.

In addition, we have programmed an application to calculate in a simple way, an approximate number of the total cost of the construction of a single-family house and its associated expenses (technical fees, licenses, notary, etc.).

We are professional in this field and we have years of experience to build houses and offices. We also offer installation and renovation services.

We are professional in this field and we have years of experience to build houses and offices. We also offer installation and renovation services.

We are mainly dedicated to the design, drafting of projects and construction management in the residential and commercial areas.

As a plus of our work as an architect, we offer our clients the possibility of carrying out integral management of their detached house in self-promotion, in this way we support them and guide them in the "adventure" of getting their house.

We know that the best publicity we can get inside and outside the internet is the word of mouth of our customers, so our goal is quality and customer satisfaction. That once a house is finished, its owners recommend us. It is the best reward for the work done.

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