House Construction Package


It is a contract through which your house is built, guaranteeing a fixed price in writing. With a term of completion in the delivery of your home, using all our experience and knowledge to manage your resources, according to a project, which contains detailed specifications of materials, finishes, and quality thereof, achieving this the development of the work completed and without setbacks.

Humans are like an ever flowing river of fresh water. We stagnate if we stop progressing.

Building your house through a contract gives you the benefit of it being designed and built according to your taste, needs, lifestyle and budget, since everything is done under contract and with total transparency, through the predefined packages, in which the most demanded finishes are clearly specified in the market, but, even so, you should never choose anything that you do not want, so we adapt your packages to your liking.

In general the following are included in a house design package

  • Preliminary project according to the previous appointment in which the family needs of housing are specifically defined in terms of spaces, typology, context, and habitability.
  • Architectural project
  • Structural Project
  • Lighting study project
  • Payments and Works Program
  • Construction of the contracted space according to previously stipulated specifications until its total completion and habitability, without surprises.
  • Procedures for construction license and completion of work, carrying out all the work management.

What are not included in the packages?

No payment is included in any package that has to do with official permits from Notary, Land Registry or any official body that may be needed to build your house. Neither is the payment of discharges included in any service such as electricity, water or gas, nor possible quotas of settlers, demarcations or project approvals if the land was within a fractionation.

All these payments are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owner of the land and they must be up to date so that we can work. We will take care of making all those arrangements, but the payment of them must always be on the part of the owner.

Certain services such as Light, Water, Gas, Telephone, Tele-cable or Internet and any other type that derives from the habitability of the client and/or owner. Which are the absolute and express responsibility of the client and if they are required for the start of the contracted works, these should be covered?

Payment of permits such as Registration in the Public Registry of Property, Quota of Settlers and/or Owners, Project Approvals, Official Number, Construction License, and Notaries.

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