We all depend on water to live. Without water, life is impossible for humans, animals, and plants. Since it is a renewable resource, we must take care of it with awareness.

The consumption in a house supposes an average of 150 liters per day per person. And half is spent on the use of the toilet, the washing machine, the general cleaning and the irrigation of the plants. Yes, half of all the uses we give to water inside a house do not need drinking water.

As part of solving the problem, there is the possibility of collecting rainwater with simple systems, at least to save drinking water consumption. These systems can be perfected and turn that water, also into drinking water.

Harvest rainwater

Harvesting of rainwater in your garden is simple. When it is about to rain, you can place buckets, cans or bottles with funnels outdoors. If under the fall of a roof, you can collect more liters in a short time. With this water, you can water your plants, wash clothes and dishes among other household uses.

You can also collect water from the roof. It is only necessary to have basic elements such as a drain, a conduit pipe, a storage tank and a lifting structure that allows the supply of water at low pressure. This way you can reduce more than 50% of your daily water consumption if you collect rainwater.

Important tips

  • To avoid blockages, which, in addition to the dust that is dragged by the wind, are also caused by the leaves that fall on the roofs, so it is necessary to use filters.
  • Use containers of clean materials. Avoid for example those that have contained substances such as oil, acids, etc.
  • If you want some more pressure, the containers should be placed high enough.
  • Keep containers covered to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs.
  • Regarding the roofing material: Green roofs and court surfaces are not suitable, because they carry too much biomass.
  • Construction permits for your city that include various municipal taxes

How much water can we harvest?

The volume of water harvested depends on the area of ​​the roof and the amount of rainwater that falls. This leads us to the fact that in places with very low rainfall we would need roofs with a greater catchment surface. But in many places in America about 500 millimeters of rainwater fall per year.

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