Turnkey House Construction Package


With the turnkey modality in house designing, you will be offered a great variety of designs of houses with fine finishes that combine comfort and good taste. With this modality, house designer will give you the option to adjust your designs to your needs with the necessary advice to make a finish that meets your expectations.

The contract "Turnkey" allows you to work in a very simple way, whereas a contractor they take care of everything related to the work, from municipal procedures to the delivery of the finished work in your whole. Other of the obligations, in the "Turnkey" modality, range from the supply of materials and machinery; the transportation of them, the completion of civil works, the installation and assembly, and the set-up and operation of the planned work.

In general the following are included in a turnkey house design package

  • Architectural components, plans, and design of the building
  • Structural engineering, to guarantee the structural integrity of your home
  • State building permit
  • Floor structure
  • Roofing
  • Lighting devices
  • Plumbing accessories
  • Windows
  • Cabinets and moldings
  • Floor
  • Countertops
  • Accessories
  • The intelligent home automation system, to remotely manage the use of electricity, lighting and security systems
  • Installation of the home on prepared foundations.

There are update and customization options also available, but they are somewhat limited

You have to be prepared to pay various additional expenses which may include

  • The cost of the land
  • Soil tests
  • Inspection of the place
  • Public service connections, if necessary (water, wastewater, electrical, cable)
  • The base prepared for the house on which it will be built (concrete slab or the frame of the pier and the beam)
  • Landscaping
  • Avenues and sidewalks
  • Garage

These expenses are incredibly variable depending on the location, the size of the household and even the municipal requirements or personal preferences. For example, if you are planning to build far away from the city, you may not want or need much in terms of outdoor landscapes.

However, if you are planning to build in the city, or in a neighborhood with strict rules for homeowner associations, you may be asked to do some type of design.

So you have to spend a big part of your budget on fees, permits, utility connections, and foundations especially in case your property does not have local sewer service and water system.

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