Mistakes you should not make in the kitchen design

As we well know, kitchen is one of the basic places in our home. Therefore, it is very important to always have everything right in order. But we not only refer to the details or the decoration but also the kitchen design. Surely with the following tips, you will see everything differently.

Here in the following, we advise you on the mistakes that we should not make in the kitchen design.

Choose very dark colors for the kitchen design

We like colors but sometimes we indeed get carried away by somewhat dark shades. In the part of the kitchen, wood finishes abound as well as the part of the countertop and its marble.

So we have two different parts and we have to choose well. If we get carried away by very dark wood, we fall in danger of having a kitchen without much light. Hence it is always advised to opt for it if the room is quite spacious. Otherwise, an intermediate color or white will be the best ideas we have for a place like this.

Reload furniture with excessive decoration

Everything in excess is bad, perhaps we had noticed. Therefore, it is better to be a little careful when talking about decoration in the kitchen. Neutral and basic colors that combine and some print designs. Yes, because vinyl is also a great option for this part of the house. Although we should always be a little careful, because we fall into the problem that if we recharge the room, hence it is best to place a vinyl, covering a part of the cupboards, leaving the rest free.

Lack of lighting

Before we mentioned the issue of light and more or less muted kitchens, the truth is that we pay close attention to furniture or spaces and the issue of lighting is equally vital. We must have well-lit spaces, such as the key points in the form of the kitchen itself, of the area where we usually have breakfast, etc. This way we forget the shadows.

Lack of storage space in the kitchen design

As it could not be less, the issue of storage is also fundamental and more, if we talk about the design of the kitchen. So, we have to take advantage of every corner as we can.

The shelves and functional furniture will be our best allies. Also in the part of the drawers, we can do a good job if we opt for spacers or space organizers.

Without a doubt, having everything well organized also helps us to be proud of the kitchen design. We have to study the meters of the kitchen in question and always make the most of them.

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