Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Indian kitchens are characterized by that fusion between functionality and aesthetics. Even the smallest kitchen can be a comfortable, practical and pleasant space if we know how to decorate it properly, so we must be inspired to create ingenious and versatile ideas. The union of design, decoration, and technology gives rise to practical and aesthetic solutions, creating sublime rooms with their own identity.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history.

Kitchens - Ideas and inspiration

The kitchen is a room that is an essential part of our daily life and it is essential to have a pleasant and functional space. But what should we do if we do not have enough space?

The kitchen is the heart of the house. And it is not surprising that we all look for the best ideas to turn it into a space of maximum comfort and hospitality.

There are different tips and elements to maximize space in your kitchen. Storage systems are always allied when we have little space. Likewise, the cupboards will give your kitchen a home space to store your favorite foods.

To get the most out of the space and expand the passage area you can choose sliding doors, both at the entrance to the kitchen and in the cupboards. And to have everything in order, modular furniture would be the best solution: they adapt well to the needs of each family and offer a great storage capacity.

Drawers and dark elements are always an allied element in kitchens with little space since dark colors create a visual effect of small spaces. That's why by choosing light colors on the walls with dark-toned elements (e.g. doors, windows, and cabinets), this combination creates an exquisite contrast that gives the feeling of more space.

The contrast between neutral colors such as gray, white and black, clears walls to give more space and few accessories to not overload the environment.

What color should I choose for my Indian kitchen?

  • Classic colors - The white, black and gray tones favor a sense of order, symmetry, and style. Materials such as glass, acrylic and other transparent / semi-transparent elements will help add a touch of fluidity, space, and freshness to your kitchen.
  • Warm and vibrant colors - The color red, orange and yellow, fill us with brio, and besides being able to wake up the appetite. We can even combine them perfectly with decoration and elements blue and violet. The color blue and green in all its varieties inspires a sense of life and serenity to our environments. Decoration elements related to nature such as river stones, marine elements or even a fountain are perfect to create an environment full of life.
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