Characteristics of wooden flooring in kitchen

The kitchen is a special place in the house. To choose a good and resistant material for the floors is the first requirement to achieve durability and aesthetics with the whole design of the house.

If you are thinking about what type of floor we should place in the kitchen of the house and what design to choose? We recommend going with wooden flooring.

Kitchen with wooden flooring

It is a favorite of many interior designers and architects to place them on floors, they come in different shades of color and wood such as cherry, pine, birch, walnut, etc.

If you plan to place this type of floor in your kitchen, keep in mind that it needs more care in its maintenance because sometimes it usually gets dark over time.

What type of floor is best for kitchens

All floors are suitable for use in kitchens and are easy to clean, so the type you choose will depend on the specific durability characteristics you need and the look you want to achieve.

Many people prefer wooden floors for the kitchen, for its rugged beauty and the value it adds to the home. Wood is especially popular in homes with open-floor plants because it flows gracefully from one room to another and has the versatility to meet the decorating demands of your living room, dining room and kitchen.

If you choose solid or designer wood, be careful to clean up spills immediately.

Among the other categories of floors, you will find a wide variety of designs, many of which mimic natural wood and stone tile with vivid visual, authentic textures and a spectrum of colors in trend.

Durability characteristics for the kitchen

Superior resistance to scratches and spots

High traffic kitchens require floors that can withstand wear. And so wooden flooring is the winner. It offers super resistance to scratches and spots.

Falling dishes and heavy appliances can damage incorrect floors. Consider rigid core, industrialized or laminated tile.


All kitchen floors must be able to withstand unavoidable spills. You will find the highest levels of water resistance in our collections of luxury wooden floor or rigid core. They are 100% water-resistant, so the boards will not swell, arch or lose integrity when exposed to water.

Maximum comfort

Many people love the look of stone, ceramic or porcelain tile for the kitchen, but wooden floors are cold and hard. The stone tile design for putty is an outstanding alternative that offers the same natural appearance, but with a surface that is softer when stepped on, and is not prone to cracking.

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