Top 20 tips to paint your house

If you are planning to paint your house without having professionals, the following 20 tips will surely be helpful to you.

  • Plan before you start: Get organized well before you start. Start with the widest and diaphanous room.
  • Calculate the amount of paint: As for how to calculate the amount you need, you must measure the height of the ceiling to the floor and the length of each of the walls.
  • Choose the right paint: Find a specialized shop you can trust and ask them, naturally, for the advice you need.
  • Have everything you need: The basic equipment of a domestic painter includes bodybuilder tape, brushes, and rollers, a good aluminum ladder etc.
  • Protect carefully: Cover your furniture. Cover it with old sheets, large plastics, cardboard, magazines or old newspapers. The protective tape will also be good for skirting boards, switches and other items.
  • Choose the right color: You must succeed in this aspect. And, for this, it is best to test directly on the wall. Light can greatly change the perception of color.
  • Look at the wall: If there are damp or imperfections, you must correct them beforehand or they will reappear very soon.
  • Start on the roof: It is normal to drip. Those splashes will disappear as you paint the walls.
  • Use the brush first: And make sure you make a wide cut. This will require less precision with the roller.
  • Enjoy while paint: You can play your favorite music and enjoy your task.
  • Clean the walls: If the walls are clean, the paint will adhere better, so it is ideal to clean them before starting to paint with a little warm water and soap.
  • Use painter's tape: Even if you think you do not need it, with the tape you can paint faster and in a simpler way.
  • Several thin layers: It may seem obvious but instead of painting the wall with a large layer of paint, apply thin layers to dry faster.
  • Matte finishes: Paint with gloss finishes only the kitchen or bathroom walls. In the rest of the house, bet on matte tones to prevent the entire room from shining.
  • Custom-made colors are very useful: They incorporate a reference with which the exact color can be reproduced if we need to fix any damage in the future.
  • Take the opportunity to repair small damages with filler putties, such as plug holes that are no longer used, small chipped areas, loose plaster, cracks, and etc.
  • Paint at the time of day when the room receives more natural light. Good lighting will make us see better the areas that we have not completely covered and avoided subsequent touch-ups.
  • Avoid painting home in wet or very hot days. The paint takes longer to dry.
  • The roller is essential to achieve a uniform finish and speed up the work.
  • Opening the windows at the end of the task will reduce the smell of plastic paint and make it dry quickly.
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