How to calculate the amount of paint using Painting Cost Calculator?

Painting a house is a big job. When we are going to paint a room, we have to make several decisions such as the type of paint, the finish, the color etc. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, it's a good idea to estimate the cost of painting your home before you begin. To calculate the price of painting a house per square meter, you will have to start by calculating the area of the surfaces you plan to paint.

Surface to paint

To calculate a surface using Painting Cost Calculator, you must multiply its width by the height. If a wall has windows or doors, the surface of each one of them must be calculated and then subtracted from the total surface of the wall. This exercise must be repeated with each wall, in order to add the total surfaces and then determine how many meters we are going to paint.

Here we present you a step-by-step guide to calculating painting area:

  • Step 1

Multiply the perimeter of the house by the height of the roof to measure the exterior. To calculate the area of ​​the exterior walls, measure the perimeter of the house, or the combined length of all exterior walls. Excludes porches or other “stubs”.

Multiply the perimeter by the height of the roofline, or the point where the top of an exterior wall meets the roof. If the house has gables (pointed parts of the roof), add half the height of a floor to the total height of the roofline to get a rough estimate of the area that includes gables.

  • Step 2

Multiply the perimeter of a room by the height of the ceiling to find the area of ​​the wall. To estimate the cost of painting a room, find the total area of ​​the wall in the room. Measure the perimeter of the room (the combined lengths of all sides of the room) and multiply it by the height of the ceiling.

For example, if the perimeter of the room is 17 m (55 ft) and the ceiling is 3 m (10 ft) high, the area of ​​the walls is 51 m2 (550 sq ft).

  • Step 3

Measure the area of ​​the ceilings if you plan to paint them. If you are going to paint the ceilings, you should also take them into account. Measure the length of the roof and multiply it by the width to get the total area.

For example, if the ceiling is 4m (12ft) by 3m (10ft), the area is 12m2 (120sqft).

  • Step 4

Measure any doors, windows, and decorations you plan to paint. In addition to walls and ceilings, you can paint doors and door frames, as well as other decorations, such as baseboards.

  • Step 5

Repeat this process with each room to find the total area. To determine the total area you want to cover, measure all the surfaces you want to paint in the house, including walls, ceilings, doors, and trim. Add the results. If it seems complicated, the best solution is to use Painting Cost Calculator. It is easy, simple, and quick!

We already know the surface to be painted. But how do we calculate the liters of paint we need?

To finish calculating the liters of paint, it will be necessary to know the performance of the paint we are going to use and the number of hands to apply.

To finish calculating the liters of paint, it will be necessary to know the performance of the paint we are going to use and the number of hands to apply.

The performance data is given to us by the manufacturer and appears on the packaging and in the product datasheet, which is available in the online store. This performance is for smooth surfaces.

If we want to change the color of a room it will be necessary to apply, at least, two coats of paint depending on the covering of each painting.

On the roof, we are only going to apply a coat of white paint and for the walls two-colored hands. To calculate the liters of paint we need, we multiply the surface to be painted by the number of hands and this result will be divided between the yield.

Remember that the performance of a painting depends on whether the wall is embossed or rough. And if the wall has not been painted before, it will be necessary to previously apply a coat of primer to prevent the wall from absorbing the paint.

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