Draw the plan of a house in 3D online for free

Draw the plan of a house in 3D online for free

If you are going to buy a new house or simply reorganize or redecorate your current house, using i13 Floor Planner, you can now draw your personal floor plans to preview on a website with a few clicks. We have a uniquely designed 3D tool online that offers house planning with the freedom to customize the entire plan of the house, from the placement of furniture to interior decoration with details of the size and shape of each room.

How does it work?

Create the 3D plan of the home choosing the room you want to decorate. If you want to draw the plans for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room, you can click to use a default design or enter the specific dimensions.

If you enter your own dimensions or want to see the whole house, at the same time, the plans of the house must be made in two dimensions, with a bird's eye view.

Create your 2D plan

Using this easy tool, you can quickly design a detailed 2D plan with our house creation tool and you can get a first impression of the distribution of your project.

Import your plans, create rooms and then add doors and windows. Then, add floors and stairs if you consider it necessary.

What is the result of developing house plans with online applications?

In general, the design generated is good because it allows us to see the interior equipment, that is, how the kitchen will be with the high and low furniture, the living room, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms, as well as the options to view it in 3D. The results are absolutely good.

What is the difference of a plan made online with one generated by a professional program?

Plans made by advanced programs include much more information and details on the plan. In addition, you can also create diagrams of sanitary and electrical installations, complex structures such as sloping walls, roofs with different angles can be created of inclination.

This online tool has the ability to add building materials to the walls, to limit or put measures to the interior, exterior walls, ability to generate floor slabs and have all the information on materials used in the project.

This online floor planning tool is very easy and simple to use. In order to use this professional program, you no need to have training.

i13 Floor Planner can help you by transforming your home plan into a 3D project online.

Visit our site and you will be free to transform, renovate and decorate it!

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